Grab the Platform Offered by the Mall of Saya for aLucrative Business Venture

It might strike in your mind that heading towards a new business is not an easy task even if you have a proper capital arrangement, good relation with the investors and sponsors and an effective and adroit business strategy.

Many of you think that capital is the biggest requirement to start a new venture or run the show in the commercial market smoothly, but according to the entrepreneurial experts, business location or the commercial catchment area is a cardinal point of importance.

One place which would cater to you with a lively genre of consumers is the shopping arcade. Your target audience would themselves walk down towards your products or take up your services if they are appealing and if the location of the shopping mall is impressive.

Shopping malls with lucrative position create a platform where you can display and market your business core competencies in a way easier manner than on business Mainland.

The Mall of Saya has been designed with latest and adept architectural style so that the consumers can avail all the amenities under one roof.  It is the initiative of Saya Buildcon Consortium Pvt. Ltd and is situated in one of the prime locations of Greater Noida, the Buddha Chowk.

The Maya of Saya

The Mall of Saya is being counted as one of the most appealing and luxurious shopping and commercial arcade that would include innumerable top-end branded stores along with various other entertainment, food,and beverages facilities. The place is being designed to cater to retail shops of national and international brands. The arcade will also offer different sized office spaces within an affordable range.

Start With the Start-up

This mall of elegance and high productivity is surrounded by posh residential societies. It will be of supreme demand in the future for commercial purposes and would best suit any business orientations due to its 100% visibility from various corners of the city. You would take pride in the future with your commencement of a new start-up.

Anurag Kashyap and Partners Dissolve India’s Phantom Films Collective

Relationships in B-Town not only break down at the personal level but also on the professional front. A new relationship arises, and sometimes the old age relationship breaks into a jerk. Latest bollywood news is that something similar happened with phantom production. Now, rarely before the movie starts, with the sound of Chalk, on the screen, children ‘F’ hear the screaming of Phantom! In fact, the production house is now going to shut down due to the separation of owners. This announcement has been made by Anurag Kashyap and Vikramaditya Motwani through their own social media handles.

As per bollywood updates, Phantom was founded by Anurag Kashyap, Vikramaditya Motwani, Vikas Behl and Madhu Mantena about 7 years ago. Meanwhile, the production house has also given many memorable films, but now its four partners have taken a collective decision to close the company. Bollywood updates about the number of movies produced under the banner of this production house, Anurag Kashyap created a series called ‘Gangs of Wasseypur’, which was produced by Vikramaditya Motwani, ‘Lootera’ and ‘Vikas Bahal’ created a memorable movie like ‘Queen’. Now these four filmmakers have decided to separate their paths. With the closure of Phantom, where the producers of the film under the banner of this production house are shocked, the decision has been difficult for these four partners. It is also reflected in the tweet of Anurag Kashyap and Vikramaditya Motwani.

Latest bollywood news is that Vikramaditya Motwani, while announcing the closure of Phantom through a tweet, has written: “Vikas, Madhu, Anurag and I have decided to finish my partnership in Phantom and move on to my own paths. So far this partnership has been a wonderful, great and crazy journey of my life. These three of my partners have been like my family, who supported me all the time. I would be thankful to them for supporting each other for the last 7 years. I hope that when good time comes, our way will surely hit each other. ‘ This tweet from Vikramaditya shows that the decision to stop Phantom is not easy for him. Anurag Kashyap’s tweet is similar to that.

Whereas bollywood updates about the Anurag Kashyap tweet is that: “Phantom was a dream, a very beautiful dream and every dream is about to end. We gave our best in this and we also succeeded and failed. ..But I’m sure we will recover from it and walk on our own paths with wisdom and fulfill our dreams. We congratulate each other. ‘

However, the bollywood news of the closure of Phantom Production is not only bad news for its fans, but it is also going to give a big setback to the followers of these four filmmakers who are encouraging younger filmmakers. Phantom not only contributed to the cinema, but has also made the audience agile with the craft of these four filmmakers.

Is Rishi Kapoor suffering from cancer? Randhir Kapoor opens up

After the actress Sonali Brendre and actor Irfan Khan, now Rishi Kapoor is reported to have cancer. But recently a close friend of the Kapoor family told the Bollywood updates that Rishi Kapoor was the third stage cancer. According to bollywood news, they have gone to America to treat this. The doctors have called him for 45 days of treatment. Which includes chemotherapy sessions. Right now Ranbir, Neetu are there. The source said that Ranbir can come back for the shoot. But he will come back only when Riddima Kapoor Sahni and Neetu will be there with the Rishi Kapoor.

As per bollywood news, a few days ago, actor Rishi Kapoor along with his wife Neetu Kapoor went to America for medical treatment. This story was given by Rishi Kapoor on his social networking site.

He had written to his fans giving this message that, everyone is my hello, I am going to America for some medical treatment. So I urge my well wishers not to worry or do not try to make any unnecessary guesses. At the same time, they assured their well-wishers that they would return soon.

As far as Irfan is concerned, he is treating in London. Sonali is doing her treatment in America. According to bollywood news, the health of both of them is improving. Hope that these Irfan, Sonali and Rishi’s disease be healed by God.

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Mall of Saya – Enjoy the Best Experience of Shopping

Mall of saya is one of the biggest and modern upcoming shopping complex which is located in Greater Noida west or some people known this pace as Noida Extension. The location of the mall is just the best and is well connected by road and metro station. It is a place where you will get the six hundred brands altogether. Thus, it will make you to enjoy the shopping, have entertainment (as number of multiplex are there) and delicious food to have under the one roof of largest mall in north India. So, its the opportunity to come at the site and explore the options of different type of investment in the mall. The Saya Mall is spreading over an are of 2 acre approx. and because of this it offers the spacious shops with all modern facilities and that too at affordable rates. So what are you waiting for !!!

Lets discuss the main features of the Saya Mall as per the buyers. First of all, it is very important to mention that it is one of the biggest mall of Delhi and National Capital Region. Secondly, this is the one stop for the people who are very much brand lovers. As it will provide all the latest indian as well as international brand under one roof. Other then this, there is food court, entertainment zone, multiplex area, kids play area and other enjoyable things are there.

Now lets discuss the important features according to the investment point of view. As we have already explain that it has spacious shops with wonderful interiors as it is having best interior designs and architecture. Thus, this will give you feel to open and to grow your business. So get ready to become the successful in your life by investing in this best and largest Mall Of Saya .

Abhishek Bachchan: Won’t Do Any Film Which Will Make Aaradhya Feel Awkward

Latest bollywood news on Daughter’s Day 2018, Bollywood actor Actor Abhishek Bachchan has said that he would not like to be a part of any film that his daughter Aradhya feel uncomfortable. Abhishek said, “Now, whatever work I choose in my professional career, I will choose Aradhya keeping in mind. At present, I would not like to work in any movie that Aradhya feels uncomfortable with. ‘

Abhishek said this to bollywood news reporters at a newspaper’s cinema summit here on Friday. He said that he and his actress wife Aishwarya Rai have a clear view that they will never pressure their daughter to choose a career of their choice and will support her decision.

As per bollywood updates, he said, “As a parent, you want the best for your child, but what she does, she will be completely her choice. We will never put pressure on what we want from her. We will be proud of whatever we do. ”

Abhishek Bachchan, who recently came to participate in the NDTV youth program, gave a statement. In which he said, “Years ago I  went Rio with Papa for the World Cup. Fifa’s head caused me a lot of which was tense me. He took the football and told that ‘130 crore people and 11 people could not land in the field.’ I asked them to come to the field of cricket that 11 people will show us what we can do. ‘

According to bollywood updates, Abhishek Bachchan said about the sports, “There are no viewers for football. We should support the players. Encourage seeing such games If they come forward to help them then things will improve. If the demand is made then the supply will come automatically. How good are they in the Asian Games. Talents are in our country Linked to kabaddi and got a chance to do something. These four players present on this forum have done so much without any facility, if they support them, then what can they not do? ”

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Is Salman Khan going to launch his niece Alizeh Agnihotri in Bollywood?

Bollywood updates knows that Bollywood’s Bhaijaan Salman Khan has given a lot of chances to many people who have been in the industry till now. If we sit down to make this list, our eyes will be shocked that the industry has given so many artists only by Bhaijaan. However, the time has come that Salman Khan should take a little attention from his friends and bring the children of your family to Limelite.

If you are wondering why we are saying this, then tell bollywood news to you that on the last day, Mukesh Ambani’s Ganapati festival ceremony, along with Salman Khan, his niece Alizeh Agnihotri had also reached. Alizeh is a star kid but remains away from Limelight, so when she was away with the car with his uncle, media cameras turned around her.

As per bollywood news, Alizeh came with her maternal uncle to wear a white dress and went to Ganesh Puja. In this dress she looked very beautiful. While Salman Khan always gave photos to the media in his usual style, Alizeh showed some hesitation in front of cameras due to his shy personality. You can see the latest photos of this pair of uncle-niece.

Let us say bollywood updates that before the Ganesh Puja, Alizeh has come to discuss due to a viral picture with his grandfather. His father Atul Agnihotri shared a picture on his Instagram account a few days ago, in which Alizeh was looking to rest with Nana Salim Khan and Nani  Salman Khan.

The way Alizeh’s photos are coming to the social media and they are seen with their mama on the event, we feel she can enter Bollywood soon. Well what do you think? After Katrina Kaif, Athiya Shetty and Warina Hussain, should Salman Khan now launch his niece Alizeh in Bollywood? Please tell to bollywood news and bollywood updates by voting.

Mall Of Saya Perfect Commercial Space in Noida

Saya Group has launched his new and most modern commercial project as mall of Saya in Greater Noida West. It is being developed with spaces for shops, business spaces, spaces for banks and ATMS, entertainment zones for kids and elders, food court, office spaces, multiplex, hypermarkets, party halls and many more. Mall Of Saya located at a prime location near to Kisan Chowk, which is a major junction of roads connecting Noida, greater Noida, Ghaziabad and Greater Noida West. Also it is very near to national highway 24 and FNG highway which is connecting Faridabad, Noida and Ghaziabad. Addition to this metro line is also coming up with metro station in close neighborhood of mall. All these location and connectivity advantages are attracting customers and investors for the reason of having high footfall of customers on shops and for the high selling probability scenarios.

Coming on to list of amenities and facilities which builder has planned to provide for the convenience of merchants and customers, it seems that builder has included everything. Saya Mall will acknowledge ample parking space, which as in current scenarios is the biggest problem, which visitors face during their visits to any commercial space in cities. This project is being built a concept of fulfilling every requirement of purchasers and visitors under one roof with a feel of luxury and comfort. Complete environment is centrally air conditioned with water and power supply all round the clock. Mall will have an air tight security which will ensure the safety of people. High speed lifts are included in feature list for seamless movement of people from one floor to other.

In other words, this commercial space is unique and exclusive in terms of features, specifications, luxury, and location. So let us not lose an opportunity of booking a space in this project and ensure a happy and prosperous future.

Priyanka Chopra’s future father-in-law Paul Kevin Jonas’ company files for bankruptcy

Latest bollywood news that when Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas married, where and how it would be, all these things were not there that a new thing came out. This new bollywood news is not about the marriage of Priyanka and Nick, but about their father-in-law Paul Jonas. It is revealed that Priyanka’s father-in-law, Paul Jonas, is a debtor of millions of dollars on the real estate company. Paul’s debt over $ 1 million is on this company.

It is reported by bollywood news that the company also has 2.68 million dollars to lose a legal case. It is being said to bollywood news that Nick has a property of $ 25 million. Most of these earns Nick as a solo artist. It is also revealed that Nick is now going to start his career as an actor too. Just recently was seen in the remake of ‘Zumanji’.

According to bollywood updates, a data collected from last year, Priyanka Chopra’s earnings are estimated to be around Rs 64 crores in Forbes’ released list. Nick Jonas has a revenue of Rs 171 crores a year. These figures of Nick Jones’s earnings have been reported by the Daily Mail Estimate.

Let us now tell bollywood updates to you that Nick and Priyanka Chopra have recently got engaged and they can marry soon. One particular reason for this pair being discussed is that Nick is 10 years younger than Priyanka.

Mall Of Saya Great Source of Income by Developing a Business

Saya Group is a multi-award winning chain of real estate builders of India and has been given a branded project in budgeted properties. They have rapidly grown as an excellent choice for investors and buyers in residential as well as commercial complexes. They have more than 20 projects across multiple cities in India and aims to expand further in the coming years. Mall of Saya is a brand new project launched by Saya Group. Here, you can experience a unique mixture of relaxation, efficacy, convenience and affordability. Saya Mall is located in a prime location of its own kind and convenient for everyone.Railway stations and bus stations are available in close vicinity contributing in making the commercial hub within reach of everyone. All the transport facilities are available in close vicinity of the commercial place from where you can easily reach at any destination point.

This commercial project is located in Greater Noida West which is coming up one of the biggest residential destination of Delhi NCR. The project has multiple amenities with banquet hall, firefighting systems with fire alarms, high speed lifts, and complete structure is Vaastu compliant, service lifts for movement of goods, multiplexes, cafeteria and food court also with the spaces for ATMS and Banks. Builders has ensured a plan for complete security with all modern equipment and CCTV cameras installation at all major junctions and trained security personal staffs. Facility for waste disposals, ample parking for visitors and merchants and maintenance staff, water and power supply all round the clock are some basic advantages which can be availed at a very reasonable maintenance cost.

Overall all these features and advantages adds stars to this project and makes it unique and the best commercial place to invest and to celebrate the future opportunity of prosperous and bright future of people who are looking forward to start their business with positive thought and energy.

Amid dating rumours, Arjun Kapoor-Malaika Arora snapped together at Lakme Fashion Week

Latest bollywood news is that Photos and videos of Bollywood actress and item girl Malaika Arora and actor Arjun Kapoor are becoming very viral on social media. It is said that there is good bonding between Malika Arora and Arjuna Kapoor and these two are very close to each other. Even Arbaz Khan and Malaika Arora’s reasons for separation are known only because of Arjun Kapoor Generally, people do not get see photos and videos of both of them together.

As per bollywood updates, in this video you can see that Arjun Kapoor and Malaika Arora are very happy during the fashion show and are enjoying this show. You can see that Arjun Kapoor and Malaika Arora are sitting together in Front Row and they are cheering too. Since then the market of rumours has become hot.

Not only this, bollywood updates, the reason was same behind the controversy between Salman Khan and Arjun Kapoor. However no confirmation was made about this. While bollywood news talking about Arjun Kapoor’s upcoming films, his recent films like ‘Namaste England’, ‘Sandeep and Pinky Farer’, ‘India’s Most Wanted’ and ‘Panipat’ are going to come. At the same time, Arjun Kapoor’s character in one of these films is more than one.

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